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Trim Winder

The motion is controlled by a drive, Controlled by both drivings and stopping the motor. Material is fed by the dancer for tension control, equipped with position feedback through a Linear Position sensor. This provides a speed reference for the motion control drive. The system operates to maintain the dancer in a fixed position, thus providing static rewinding tension. The tension is set by the position of the dancer. When the dancer is close to the reference, the trim tension is high. When it’s furthest away from the reference, the tension is low.

The dancer is mounted on a cross travel mechanism and acts as a layering guide to the trim. The cross travel is controlled by a lead motion linear guide ways with automatic end reversing, so that dancer always rotates in motion control. Winding motor speed reference with the traverse unit so that they operate at the same speed.

Standard Features

  • Cantilevered windin shaft
  • Closed loop speed control system
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Traverse winding.
  • Variable traversing rate.

Standard Features

  • Plug & Play Unit auto compatible.
  • Compact, Rigid & Small.
  • Movable Trolley Type.
  • Trim Break Buzzer & Light Indication system.

Technical Specefication

Trim Width 5mm to 40mm
Web Thickness 10mm to 1mm
Roll Package Diameter 300mm
Roll Package Width 350mm
Core Diameter 3 Inches (76mm)
Maximumk Speed 500 MPM
Machine Size 100mm(Length) X 900mm(wudth) X 600mm (Height)
Material Type BOPP, PVC, PP, LD, LD Laminate, Paper, Polyester, ETC

MUGAT Trim Winder ensures perfect slitting of rolls with consistent flawless quality and constant line speed. It is available in as per your desired model to suit your requirement.

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